Rituals & Roadtrips

by Jamie Sands

A road trip with a witch and a ghost hunter was never going to go smoothly.

Basil wants a pleasant holiday, exploring the upper North Island with his boyfriend, and he has the schedule to ensure it happens just so.

Sebastian is thrilled to be back on the road, searching for adventure and new mysteries to film at every stop. He just has to get Basil to stop worrying, then everything will be golden.

Unfortunately for both of them, when magic is involved nothing goes according to plan. Basil and Sebastian’s luck gets worse the farther they get from home. Finally a sinister enemy pulls them right off their path. It will take all of Basil’s power, and all of Sebastian’s ingenuity to come out on top and find a nice quiet spot to catch up on reading.

Rituals and Roadtrips is a novella-length story featuring ghosts, witches and a sweet gay romance. Best read in order, with Overdues and Occultism coming first. This book is a bit longer than the preceding two. Contents include road tripping, New Zealand countryside, caves, curses, an involuntary transformation and some excellent food.

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Release date: 18/10/2023

Series: Mt Eden Witches

Tags: M/M, Mt Eden Witches, ghost, road trip, ghost hunting