Murmurs of Magic

by Kim Jackways

Cover of Murmurs of Magic - a medalian with flowers on it glittering with golden and pink magic against a background of herbs

An empath witch can sense secrets a mile off. But she never saw this coming.

Joel is having money problems again, and Hazel knows just how to help. Selling his prized cabin and staying at the cottage with her might just be the answer. Moving in together can only strengthen their relationship, right?

Then Hazel has a disturbing dream, which leaves her frightened for Joel. She has to keep her promise and take Kirsten down. What she doesn’t realize is that getting closer to the truth will put everything she has worked for at risk.

When Hazel’s visions get more intense and a mysterious woman shows up, she knows her powers are just beginning. Everything has led up to this, all the hard work training with her aunt and mental toughness.

Will all of Hazel and Joel’s dreams for the future turn to nightmares when a betrayal forces Hazel to choose between her livelihood and what she knows is right?

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Release date: 24/01/2022

Series: Redferne Witches

Tags: Dunedin, M/F, ancestral memory, living together