Bespoke and Bespelled

by Karen Healey

Bespoke and Bespelled - a retro sewing machine sews golden thread into an enchanted golden cloth with aviator glasses in the foreground

Stitch-witch and costume supervisor Marnie Taylor knew she was taking a risk when she left her solid studio job in L.A. and returned to New Zealand to work on the film adaptation of her favourite fantasy series. But she didn’t expect suspicious sabotage on set – or her disastrous attraction to the star, socially-awkward Rider Adams.
Can Marnie and Rider overcome magical vandalism and studio stresses? Find out in Bespoke and Bespelled, the first Witchy Fiction novella in the Wellywood Magic series!

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Release date: 13/03/2023

Series: Wellywood Magic

Tags: Wellington, M/F, Standalone, workplace, Midlife Romance, sewing, movies, Wellywood Magic