Boundless Magic

by Kim Jackways

Cover of Boundless Magic - Rune Tokens placed in a triangle with two magic wands casting red magic into the background

Hazel’s mind reading powers are back and stronger than ever. She can’t wait to use them. And first on the list is getting to know her neighbor a little better. Even if he has something against the paranormal.

But along with greater magic goes greater responsibility to the coven. When Hazel’s aunt offers her an opportunity she (literally) can’t refuse, she has to lay low.

She’s an adult, right? No-one can stop her digging around a bit. She has to find out if Kirsten was really just looking after the environment or if some more sinister plans are afoot.

Kirsten and the others are circling closer. Hazel can feel it. And sitting on her hands just isn’t her style.

The delightfully enchanting sequel to Brand of Magic!

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Release date: 26/04/2021

Series: Redferne Witches

Tags: Dunedin, M/F, Redferne, empath, anxiety

Brand of Magic

by Kim Jackways

For the last few years, Hazel has put magic and men out of her mind. A break-up meant her own thoughts were bad enough, without sensing everyone else’s emotions too. The ghost in the attic and her sarcastic dog familiar would be way too much to explain to any partner.

Instead, Hazel put all her energy into her job promoting the city she loves – Dunedin, New Zealand. And she is pretty good at it, too. When her neighbour, Joel, needs her expertise to save his woodworking business and stop the sale of his family land, she can’t resist getting involved. But the more time they spend together, the more stubbornly locked away his thoughts are.

Then her powerful aunt is attacked, and Hazel has to find a way to get through to her and discover who or what is behind it. It seems as if her psychic powers are the key to everything.

Can she bear to let magic – and love – back in?

A contemporary witchy fiction story – with a dash of romance!

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Release date: 21/09/2020

Series: Redferne Witches

Tags: Dunedin, M/F, Redferne, familiar, empath, anxiety, boy next door

Murmurs of Magic

by Kim Jackways

Cover of Murmurs of Magic - a medalian with flowers on it glittering with golden and pink magic against a background of herbs

An empath witch can sense secrets a mile off. But she never saw this coming.

Joel is having money problems again, and Hazel knows just how to help. Selling his prized cabin and staying at the cottage with her might just be the answer. Moving in together can only strengthen their relationship, right?

Then Hazel has a disturbing dream, which leaves her frightened for Joel. She has to keep her promise and take Kirsten down. What she doesn’t realize is that getting closer to the truth will put everything she has worked for at risk.

When Hazel’s visions get more intense and a mysterious woman shows up, she knows her powers are just beginning. Everything has led up to this, all the hard work training with her aunt and mental toughness.

Will all of Hazel and Joel’s dreams for the future turn to nightmares when a betrayal forces Hazel to choose between her livelihood and what she knows is right?

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Release date: 24/01/2022

Series: Redferne Witches

Tags: Dunedin, M/F, ancestral memory, living together