Journey to New Zealand and follow the lives of witches around our beautiful country: from the heart of Wellington City to the foot of snow-capped Mount Taranaki, from Hamilton’s gardens and rivers to Auckland’s cityscape, from Dunedin’s historic streets to the coastal settlement of Akaroa. Join our witches as they discover who they are, protect the local rivers and wildlife, untangle mysteries, or find out a little more about the monster under the floor. Accompanied by familiars with claws and feathers and fins, they discover new powers, concoct new ways to support their families and find themselves on the path to love. 

The first Witchy Fiction novella, Brand of Magic, was released on 22nd September 2020, with books from a range of local authors following. Sign up to our newsletter to be sure you don’t miss out on the next release!

If you like quirky lives, all things witchy, and stories where the end is not nigh and love can prevail, then these stories are for you. Park your broomstick, grab a seat by the cauldron and enjoy some witchy tales.